Expert Direction via Clinical Project Management

For Healthcare Organizations



There are no "one size fits all service methodologies". We pull from our collective experience and core service areas to create customized engagements.

Our projects are scoped individually with each client based on their objectives. 


Our clients include physician groups, hospitals, health systems and Accountable Care Organizations (ACO).

Our services integrate into operations in these organizations.


Founded in 2006, Project Navigation's mission is to improve the quality of healthcare delivery through the use of technology. We are experts in healthcare with extensive experience in electronic health records (EHR) and enterprise data warehouses along with other software platforms. Software is now at a point, unlike when we founded this company, to make clinicians more effective and improve the safety and quality of care to our patients. Technology will continue to play an essential role in healthcare through wearables to address disease management and the blockchain for patient identification and interoperability. 


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