athenaClinicals Consulting 

Physician Governance Structure (AthenaClinicals)

Physician leadership and engagement is essential to facilitate change. However, it must be accomplished efficiently while minimizing physician time investment.

  • ​Develop structure and charter physician workgroups by specialties

  • Establish decision matrix and automation technology for mobile physician voting

  • Define communication plan and expected facilitation roles to support the structure

  • Define change control process flow to support structure

  • Launch new physician governance structure


Acquisition Management (AthenaCollector & athenaClinicals)

Organic growth is not the only option. Acquisitions are on the increase. We partner with healthcare organizations to identify, negotiate and execute acquisitions.​

  • Evaluate acquisition targets

  • Facilitate operating agreements

  • Evaluate organization structure and required staffing changes

  • Define integrated roles and responsibilities for new organization structure

  • Design acquisition integration and operating guidelines

  • Define operating reporting requirements

  • Execute acquisition integration plan


Creating custom structured templates for the collection of History of Present Illness (HPI), Review of Systems (ROS), Physical Exam (PE), Interpretation Templates and Procedure Template

  • To minimize physicians building text macros to facilitate documentation

  • To improve documentation accuracy of findings for higher level E/M coding and reimbursement

  • To improve reportability using MEDCIN based findings

  • To improve data warehouse feed reporting for risk stratification and population health

  • Effectively manage contraindications in structured documentation


Creating custom encounter plans based on physician needs including order sets and structured templates

  • To reduce searching time the physician spends in HPI, ROS, PE, Interpretation and Procedure templates based on the clinical manifestations of the patient

  • To reduce the number of clicks the physician has to perform

  • To reduce the amount of documentation time the physician spends working in the EHR versus focusing on the patient

  • To establish care standards for diagnosis and monitor for patient outcomes based on the effectiveness of the medical intervention

  • Establish standards to control the cost of care for Medicare Spending per Beneficiary (MSPB) measures and the 10 episode-based cost measures in the Quality Payment Program Year 2


Quality Management (QM Tab) (AthenaClinicals) 

  • Determine the most effective strategy for quality measure reporting using the QM Tab

  • Define improvement and tracking practices for use in an ACO or an at-risk financial Advanced APM

  • Understanding Risk Adjustment Factor HCC/RAF score significance and population health implications

  • Establish an enterprise data warehouse with a physician dashboard to track performance, risk stratify patients and population health management

  • Overall Quality Payment Program and Commercial Payer strategic plan


Establish a Master Table for clinical and financial standards (Multiple Tablespace Clients Only)

  • Establishing table standards (clinical and financial) and synchronization from the master table to child tablespaces

  • Establish a standard for orders, structured templates and clinical build tables to script into new tablespaces for acquisitions or organic business growth

  • Facilitate multi-tablespace data warehouse reporting