Clinical Project Management

The right clinical leader can make the difference between mediocrity and exceeding expectations. We partner with healthcare organizations to provide project management and clinical consulting services through a clinical project manager. Project management services are essential for effective project execution however, they are further optimized with a clinically knowledgeable resource evaluating each task and to liaise between information technology and physicians.

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Physician Governance Structure

Physician leadership and engagement is essential to facilitate change. However, it must be accomplished efficiently while minimizing physician time investment.


  • Develop structure and charter physician workgroups by specialties

  • Establish decision matrix and automation technology for mobile physician voting

  • Define communication plan and expected facilitation roles to support the structure

  • Define change control process flow to support structure

  • Launch new physician governance structure


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Acquisition Management

Organic growth is not the only option. Acquisitions are on the increase. We partner with healthcare organizations to identify, negotiate and execute acquisitions.


  • Evaluate acquisition targets

  • Facilitate operating agreements

  • Evaluate organization structure and required staffing changes

  • Define integrated roles and responsibilities for new organization structure

  • Design acquisition integration and operating guidelines

  • Define operating reporting requirements

  • Execute acquisition integration plan


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EHR Conversion (All EHRs)

Converting EHR platforms requires a well planned project to ensure that patient data conversion and operations are not compromised. Quality programs and other strategic initiatives must be incorporated into the plan to ensure success.


  • Experienced Project Manager to guide you through the implementation

  • Plan through and define the scope for clinical conversion services

  • Define and execute quality measure transition plans (2018 requires full-year reporting)

  • Create a Microsoft Project plan with tasks, resource assignment and schedule

  • Distribute task and resource assignment due date and work status

  • Execute mock conversions until perfection is achieved

  • Define and execute clinical data conversion validation

  • Create activation plan with tasks resources, due date and time


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Quality Managment

Arguably the most important aspect of healthcare since it is most important for patients and, with value-based care, also an impact to the bottom line.


  • Determine the most effective strategy to maximize quality payment program incentives

  • Establish cost strategy for cost based measurements

  • Define improvement and tracking practices for use in an ACO or an at-risk financial Advanced APM

  • Understand Risk Adjustment Factor HCC/RAF score significance and population health implications

  • Establish an enterprise data warehouse with a physician dashboard to track performance, risk stratify patients and population health management

  • Define commercial payer strategic plan for Other Advanced APMs in 2019

  • Establish plan and agreements for at-risk payer contracts


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Clinical Protocals

EHRs are not optimized "out of the box" to maximize efficiencies in documentation, workflow or care guidelines. To address this challenge, we partner with healthcare organizations to deliver the following objectives.


  • Reduce searching time the physician spends in HPI, ROS, PE, Interpretation and Procedure templates based on the clinical manifestations of the patient

  • Reduce the number of clicks the physician has to perform

  • Reduce the amount of documentation time the physician spends working in the EHR versus focusing on the patient

  • Establish care standards for diagnosis and monitor for patient outcomes based on the effectiveness of the medical intervention

  • Establish standards to control the cost of care for Medicare Spending per Beneficiary (MSPB) measures and the 10 episode-based cost measures in the Quality Payment Program Year 2


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