Driving EHR Adoption: Activation Plan- 10 Considerations

Activation plans are critical to a successful rollout, conversion or upgrade of your EHR system. There are often well over 50 steps in a customized activation plan and below are 10 for consideration to provide the best solution and outcomes to support your desired levels of adoption.

Failure to confirm key items have been accomplished successfully prior to a go-live, a conversion to another system or an application upgrade can generate scenarios causing significant frustration for providers and support staff as well as overwhelm the analysts and IS team members supporting the project.

1. Define and document change control process for content and configuration and communicate to providers and support staff. The process needs to take into account critical adjustments that are important for adoption while setting the appropriate expectations for non-critical changes that need to be prioritized and made across the board at the specialty level.

2. Deploy required hardware to support workflow to avoid negative impact to workflow and unnecessary frustration. Change is hard enough without introducing unnecessary hardware obstacles that can be detrimental to adoption.

3. Test network connectivity and bandwidth with concurrent users running multiple applications to uncover any connection or performance issues that require attention prior to go-live, conversion or upgrade.

4. Thorough end user simulation testing and sign-off to avoid far reaching and surprises that impact critical workflows, patient safety or appropriate billing.

5. System maintenance review and sign-off to minimize downtime and unacceptable application performance as a result of failed server and database jobs, out of date service packs or critical software updates.

6. Verify successful provider and supporting staff logins work in live environment on their machines at their locations prior to go-live to discover any issues with set-up or devices that need to be corrected prior to the go-live, conversion or upgrade.

7. Confirm go-live support plan for each location with schedule, roles and responsibilities to avoid confusion and gaps in required support to achieve desired levels of adoption.

8. Confirm training completed for providers and supporting staff prior to go-live: ideally role based, specialty relevant training with applicable content and scenarios to make the training most effective prior to go-live, conversion or upgrade.

9. Application build checklist signoff for each provider and supporting staff member for each location and specialty part of go-live, conversion or upgrade to avoid surprises that require scrambling and cause frustration.

10. Confirm providers and supporting staff know process for getting technical and application support to avoid confusion and frustration.

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