4 Considerations for Using EHR Consultants


Expert EHR consultants deliver the opportunity to create solutions that work. To execute your goals within realistic budgets and timelines, requires assembling the most effective teams including industry experts.

Do you always have the right people at the right time, with the expertise to move forward without stalling your project or requiring rework? Momentum and an atmosphere of achievement can be maintained by addressing short term needs quickly with dedicated experts with the right level of experience.

Expert consultants should provide solid knowledge transfer to your team for sustainable success, provide necessary continuing education and alleviate costly mistakes while increasing your ROI. A baseline check of where your project teams are performing are important to ensure that costly mistakes aren’t made and significant wins are not overlooked.


View from outside – consultants have had the opportunity to work with other successful projects and bring a wide view with an ability to identify and resolve issues

Dedication – this is the best description, they dedicate their time and often much of their lives to traveling, meeting your team and getting started quickly with a goal driven mindset

Focus – contrasting with vendors which often work on multiple projects at once, your independent consultants can be focused diligently on one project at a time through completion

Committed professionals – expert consultants come to you trained and ready to provide value, they are the best of the best and thrive on extreme tasks in front of them and overcome challenges at a rapid pace

Increase Return On Investment – often valuable time of other project team members is wasted because they are waiting for a resource that is over allocated or they are dependent on a resource that doesn’t have the level of expertise at that moment and time needed to support the team’s progress. An expert consultant not only has the knowledge and experience needed, but should be able to perform tasks much more efficiently than someone who hasn’t seen as many iterations of similar projects. Expert consultants also avoid costly reconfiguration and retraining that is often required after missteps are made.


It is easy to quickly see how a candidate stands out by their work history, experience and interview. It is correspondingly important to appreciate how their consulting company rates. Discover their collective experience and the desired outcomes they have accomplished. Expect them to deliver a candidate who will strengthen your team immediately and help make the team stronger even after he or she leaves.

A big differentiator is the right partner who knows how to make it happen. This is your critical success factor for obtaining results.


You should expect your consultant to help deliver an EHR solution that supports your patient safety and business goals. Their expertise should be leveraged to provide content and configuration that allows workflows to be streamlined and the process for documenting visits be as efficient as possible. Expert EHR consultants are extremely responsive and never give up when working to find solutions to unique or common challenges.


Surveys, testimonials, references – these all provide the needed information to determine your choice. Once you have agreed to use a consultant and decide to move forward with a consulting partner, look for surveys similar to these examples:

“…overwhelmingly rate your consultants as going above and beyond to accomplish needs of users, any users. When it comes to physicians the extra, extensive care is utilized… “

“…clinical experience and dedication made a world of difference during a difficult transition to EHR. I appreciate the desire and work ethic to make the transition safe and effective…”

“…huge asset to your company, knowledgeable, confident and was a huge calming force during our time of chaos and frustration…”

“…knew the preparation that would be needed, has the experience necessary to handle complex issues within a medical practice, and is assertive enough to get the job accomplished…”

“…an excellent consultant and no one could have done a better job…”

“…very intelligent group that turned what could be an overwhelming experience into an adventure. Our consultant, went over and beyond the call of duty, spending countless hours to make sure everyone felt comfortable with their learning experience. I cannot say enough about how wonderful…”

“…works diligently to ensure myself and my department are satisfied with our EHR experience, which I can tell you is a tall order…”

“…ability to share her experience and insight make for a great experience for the staff…”

“…very helpful and informative to the staff and very professional and courteous to staff and patients…”

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