MACRA 2018 CY Questions and Answers

1. How long does the ACI Category required for reporting


Answer: 90 days is required for 2018. Data may be submitted 90 to 365 days

2. When and how will 2017 performance feedback be provided to Physicians


Answer: CMS will publish performance feedback beginning in the summer of 2018. The QRUR report should be used for reference.

3. Where do we apply for a hardship exemption?



4. If a practice upgrades to 2015 certified software during 2018 will they be eligible for the 10% ACI bonus


Answer: Yes, as long as they report for at least 90 days on the 2015 certified software

5. Can quality measure be submitted by manual attestation


Answer: No, quality measures performance must be submitted by Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR), Qualified Registry, Electronic Health Record (EHR), Claims or through the CMS Web Interface. Please reference the quality fact sheet for additional details at

6. Can ACI data be submitted via group attestation through the CMS Web Interface


Answer: Yes, Advancing Care Information can be submitted via the CMS Web Interface

7. What happens if a MIPS eligible physician does not have a certified EHR


Answer: The MIPS eligible provider will not receive an ACI score

8. When is the deadline to apply for a hardship exemption


Answer: Hardship exemption applications are due by December 31, 2017. Please reference the hardship exemption fact sheet at

9. If ACI transition measures are utilized on 2015 certified software does this quality for the ACI bonus


Answer: No, the ACI transition measures will not quality for 10% ACI bonus, however the transition measures can still be utilized for performance data in 2018.

10. If a provider joins a virtual group that submits performance data to CMS and also submits individual NPI performance data will CMS use the highest performance results for the CPS score


Answer: Yes, CMS will use the highest performance of either the virtual group or the individual NPI.

11. Are non-patient facing eligible clinicians exempt from ACI in 2018


Answer: Yes non-patient facing ECs are exempt from ACI in 2018


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